Workwear propositions: an exercise in ripped boyfriend jeans

So this really was an exercise in that it felt like a lot of sartorial gymnastics to show that it was not a really dumb decision to buy the blue blazer but not the trousers that went with it. Light blue denim to go with the dark blue jacket and its leather trimmed lapel.

In and out of so many different tops to adjust and tweak to suit different shoes and occasions. What I mean is that I put a silky, slippy, quite low, blue top underneath the jacket and jeans, and to offset this gradation of blue (how many times have I already used the word ‘blue’) I threw in a pair of snakeskin flats that I had to use a decade to break in.

In the heels I chose (I call these my Ferrari heels – so sleek, so shiny), it just felt off to have so much glossy perfection. This isn’t a Testino shoot, yaddamean? Therefore, it was only appropriate to mess it up a little by throwing in a little print and by print I mean a phantasmagoria of white, yellow and red on some stiff cotton. Without the blazer and just the denim, maybe a bit much for me even on a weekend, but with a blazer, it felt pretty good.


 See what I mean? Sexy sleek cleavage-y cami to make it collected on top and instantly on the go at the bottom.


Peekaboo, here’s my shoe. It’s pointed ’cause that’s sleek. In ballet, the point of pointed toes it to elongate your body and give the illusion of a straight unbreakable line. In life, I use these shoes to do that.


Guys, I look so serious in this business outfit. Searching for work opportunities at every turn.


But don’t worry this is me irl. Also note that I feel so compelled to give you a full picture that I even want you to see what the bottom of the shoe looks like. Good grip is important when you’re running around killing it at life.


See what I mean about these shoes??


Blazer: Claudie Pierlot | Top: Etre Cecile | Jeans: Warehouse denim | Shoes: Cedric Charlier

Cami: Topshop | Flats: Isabel Marant


My mother doesn’t like it when I leave my arms out of the sleeves. #rebel


See what I mean buy it being a bit much? I’m putting the sleeves back on for my mother.


But I mean, it was like 30 degrees celcius when I took this so it’s not going all the way up. Sorry mummy.

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